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Why Do We KNOW So Much, But Actually DO So Little??? (Mental Tools for Consistent Action)

20 October 2010 No Comment


With this website, and with all my work online, my goal is to help us – particularly younger members of the conscious community, but anyone who’s interested, really – become more action-oriented individuals…

black man enslaved to his own intelligence

My goal when starting all this was to figure out what prevents us from ACTING on our potential and carrying forth the things we have set out to do. I would ask questions like:

>> Why can’t my friends & I ever DISCIPLINE ourselves to get things done?
>> Why do positive, conscious groups always seem to fall apart?
>> What will the future look like if aware, progressive, activist-oriented people don’t get this area handled???

black women lost but intelligent...Pursuing this led me to discover that it all breaks down to subconscious limitations: we’re not doing anything (at least not consistently) because of deeper-level mental blocks we don’t even realize are there (even though they literally DICTATE how we think, feel in act).

So the questions became:

>> “Can we learn to control and direct our subconscious thinking?”
>> “Can we consciously choose the patterns and habits we have at those deeper levels of thought?” and
>> “Is it even healthy to try and do so???”

My answer is yes, at least to a particular degree. That’s what I spent the last 3 years of my life doing, and that’s what that video clip above is about.

black man enjoying laptop use...It’s from an old lecture of mine, “From Self-Conscious to Conscious Self: Understanding the Source Code to the Human Mind” where I compared the the subconscious level of thinking to the computer programming behind a typical website…what’s known as HTML (Hyper Text Markup Language) Source Code. Here’s an example…

Under the hood, this:

Really looks like this (remember you can click images to zoom in):

Crazy, huh? So the whole lecture was based on the analogy: “source code is to website what subconscious thinking is to thoughts, feelings and behavior.”

If you want to change a website, you can’t just take a picture of it and put it in Microsoft Paint…you can’t even open it with Microsoft Word. Instead, you have to use a new type of program called an “html-editor,” and you also have to learn an entirely new skill (called handcoding), because html-editors work with an entirely different “language.”

See the more science section below for more on this type of language, and click here to find out my favorite way to speak it…


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