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Are Your Thoughts MURDERING You? (& Your Chances for Success???)

18 January 2011 4 Comments

…because you murder your chances for success in ALL the key areas of life by using your brain in ways that are INCONGRUENT with your objectives. Let me explain…

I ended yesterday’s blog like:

black man at computer thinking“Look – you already know your mind is a computer, but for some reason, you don’t see YOURSELF as the “computer-programmer…

This level of awareness begins with (and implies that) you have the capacity to change.

———— It Sounds Simple ————

Now what I’m saying here sounds simple enough, but I’m really talking about a deep mental principle about your self-image. It’s a lot deeper then the words can depict…

Follow the logic of that post and you’ll find the following 4 fundamental points:

1) Your daily habits are the foundation for the life you’re creating,

2) Those habits are both physical AND mental in nature,

3) The mental ones tend to create a self-image, and

4) Since your self-image comes from the habits of your mind, you can use your mind to build a self-image that’s more congruent with the things you want (that’s “the fundamental life skill that makes it all possible”).

You can create a concept of yourself more conducive to what you want to create for yourself, and once your self-image is aligned with your desires like that, you virtually AUTOMATE the process of taking the required actions.

black woman doing fashion design

Clearly stated: if you want to get something in life, you have to start thinking like a person who already has it. Once you do that, the actions you need to take become natural because they become part of your self-image to behave like that in the first place…

astrologer mouse cartoonDon’t get it twisted – we’re only talking about your self-image here, not anything mega-deep or mystical.

For instance, I think astrology is valid (to a degree), and that we all have certain fundamental temperaments (like introversion or extroversion), but that’s not what I’m talking about…your self-image has more to do with the subconscious beliefs you have about yourself and the world you live in. Check it:

WHO YOU ARE IS AN OPTION that you either reinforce or modify based on how you talk to yourself (what’s called your “internal dialogue”). So…

———— Here’s Some Basic Examples ————

>> Stop thinking of yourself as “a procrastinator,” and start thinking of yourself as someone who can gradually learn to be more productive if they choose to…

vikki johnson addicted to counterfeit love>> Stop thinking of yourself as “lonely,” and start thinking of yourself as someone who can gradually learn to build and sustain healthy, meaningful relationships with other people…

>> Stop thinking of yourself as “sick and overweight” and start thinking of yourself as someone who can gradually learn to become healthier…

>> Stop saying things like “what’s wrong with me?,” “why can’t I get this right?,” “I’m doomed to always be ____ (insert depressing name or problem),” or anything else that ASSUMES the issue is about you and who you are as human being instead of something you don’t yet understand or are in the process of changing.

Whenever you take part in any of that negative self-talk, you’re murdering your capacity to go in the opposite direction: you’re undermining your power to change because you’re conditioning yourself to stay the same…YOU’RE HYPNOTIZING YOURSELF INTO A TRANCE OF NEGATIVITY.

So make it a habit to dis-associate your negative, external situation from your personal identity and then reverse the polarity of the particular issue (i.e. use your mind to gain momentum in a more positive direction). Here’s another example:

>> If you forget a really creative idea, say to yourself “I have an infinite mind,” and then act nonchalant like you know it’s about to come back to you (watch what happens).

black man writing

Whatever you do, DO NOT get tense, agitated and upset about it, because that’s how someone who can’t maintain their creativity would act. Get it?

———— Give Yourself Props, Not Disses ————

african fashion designerUse your mind to give yourself props, not disses…

…more coming tomorrow. For the simple resource I use ON A DAILY BASIS to make all this “positive thinking” stuff virtually automatic, simply click the link below.

It’s a basic program I’ve been using since 2007 to stay focused, proactive, fully engaged, emotionally strong and “on-point,” so do yourself a favor and check it out now

“ThinkRightNow” International
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  • Vickens Moscova said:

    Great post bro. Its so important to gain an understanding of why we need to reprogram our thoughts n mind so we can live the lives we dream of.

  • Bryan (author) said:

    True indeed…glad you got something from it and look forward to more in-depth discussion about this over the next few days.

  • Inaambura Yisrael said:

    Enjoyed the post! I am a firm believer of ‘so a man thinketh, so is he’…and is such true simplistic knowledge…thanks for shareing….

  • Mars said:

    Now see that? Another gem that gives me actual strategies for change — not just “willpower” or “just think positively.” More assistance from Bryan that can help me with 2011: the year I proclaim (I “name” every new year) as “The Year of Living Simply.”

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