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The 7 Deadly Sins of Self-Motivation: Common Habits That Literally ROB People of Their Ambition and Drive…

17 October 2011 No Comment

Here’s a quick list of what I call “The 7 Deadly Sins of Self-Motivation”: the most prevalent ways we tend to SABOTAGE our focus and hunger before it ever gets the chance to build up in the first place…

It’s interesting: we spend so much time trying to “be motivated” that we don’t even catch ourselves wasting all the motivation we already have stored inside. If you get nothing else from this post, know that just as you need to add motivation INTO your life, you also need to REMOVE the ignorant tendencies secretly squandering it away…

Think of it as frugality applied to your ambition instead of your bank account. Let’s analyze the top 7 ways we waste these motivational “dollars” and some methods to stop it from happening…

Motivational-Sin #1 is CERTAINTY

…or the ignorance of trying to be completely assured before taking action. This sin keeps you trapped because you can’t be certain of something you don’t know, and you simply can’t know something you haven’t already had experience with. (Think about it.)

So instead, spend your motivation on TAKING RISKS in an educated way. Let go of hesitancy and be courageous enough to act in the absence of a foolproof guarantee.

Motivational-Sin #2 is APPROVAL-SEEKING

…or the ignorance of trying to make your goals and creative work acceptable to others “from jump.” This sin keeps you limited because if you’re worried about how your project looks at from its inception you’ll never experiment or push past your creative boundaries.

So instead, spend your motivation on “FIRST DRAFTS.” Give yourself freedom to explore and don’t worry about editing or refining things until you have something going.

Motivational-Sin #3 is TASK-MAGNIFICATION

…or the ignorance of making every assignment an overwhelming test, big deal or detailed enterprise. This sin keeps you in anxiety because you’ll begin to associate worry, stress and “being swamped” with the act of working itself.

So instead, spend your motivation on SMALL SEGMENTS you can work on piece by piece. Use your imagination to break things down into tasks you can enjoy conquering, and then bring them all together.

Motivational-Sin #4: ANXIETY ITSELF

…or the ignorance of always expecting things to end in a complete disaster. This sin keeps you in a drama of cataclysmic destruction because it perpetually diverts your consciousness towards despair.

So instead, spend your motivation on CALM PROGRESS. Stay level-headed, and when things go wrong, take a break to regroup mentally.


…or the ignorance of thinking that knowing something intellectually equals knowing how to actually do it. This sin keeps you in mentally stimulated but never really “hitting it,” in terms of success because being a more knowledge person doesn’t necessarily make you a more productive one.

So instead, spend your motivation on ACTION-ORIENTATION. Discipline yourself to always “do the knowledge,” and remember that true learning literally EQUALS behavior change.

Motivational-Sin #6: PERIODIC ENTHUSIASM

…or the ignorance of leaving motivation to chance instead of developing a science and wiring it into your person. This sin keeps you confused because you’ll eventually questioning your own sincerity and wonder how dedicated you really are.

So instead, spend your motivation on being REWARDS-FOCUSED. Stay grounded in your original purpose and keep your mind centered all the benefits you’ll gain.

Motivational-Sin #7 is SELFISH CREATIVITY

…or, lastly, the ignorance of keeping your brilliance to yourself (which was me for a minute). This sin keeps you de-motivated, because without the feedback of another human being, your goals will never take on the force of living, breathing thing.

So instead, spend your motivation on SHARING YOUR BRILLIANCE. Select a few friends you can trust to get feedback from, and gradually extend out from there.

THANKS FOR READING, and remember: the only reason I can accurately describe all this is because I’ve been a serious “motivational-sinner” in my own right. Stay patient, diligent and self-forgiving as you work on these habits, and you’ll be on you’re way…


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