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The 7 Phases of Self-Mastery: Principle Concepts for Greater Levels of Discipline

18 July 2013 No Comment

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“It is better to conquer yourself than to win a thousand battles…then the victory
is yours, and can never be taken from you, not by angels or demons, heaven or hell.”

~ Buddha

My book How to Conquer Yourself is broken into seven chapters, which we can roughly refer to as “The Seven Phases of Self-Mastery.” After the introduction (which I just shared in a new video) these seven phases, or chapters, include:

The first phase, OVERCOMING PROCRASTINATION, which is based on the concept that we procrastinate whenever we confuse what we’re able to accomplish with what our personal value is as human being.

The second phase, ATTAINING DISCIPLINE, which based on the concept that we’re most disciplined when we aim to master a skill rather than simply collect a reward.

The third phase, BUILDING MOTIVATION, which is based on the concept that true, long-term motivation is built internally, from one’s sense of identity and can never be derived from an external point of reference.

The fourth phase, RAISING PRODUCTIVITY, which is based on the concept that productivity is a natural by-product of focus, clarity and concentration.

The fifth phase, DEVELOPING SYSTEMS, which is based on the concept that you can’t enhance or refine an activity you don’t statistically gauge and systematically understand.

woman at laptop taking notes.The sixth phase, CULTIVATING WILLPOWER, which is based on the concept that willpower is an energy-dynamic to be found in the body and mind, not a virtue to be found in one’s character.

And lastly, the seventh, final phase (that actually comes first in the book), is knowing THE TWO FRONTIERS TO CONQUER, based on the idea that to conquer yourself is to be at tactical war against both your instinctual behavior AND your societal conditioning, simultaneously.

The full book of course goes much further in-depth: detailing the techniques, key examples, exercises, and deep, conceptual underpinnings to explore how each of these phases operate, interoperate, harmonize with and amplify one another.

An Entire Framework for Self-Control???

So the book coalesces into an entire framework, or blueprint, with a series of insights and strategies for cultivating willpower and attaining discipline which progressively builds and exponentially grows upon itself.

It’s written not only in a way to address the major anxieties around which attaining discipline revolves (overcoming procrastination, building motivation, raising productivity, etc.), but to also lay out an entire SCIENCE – a fundamental, rudimentary infrastructure – from which to diagnose all of the problems that could ever arise out of these concerns, allowing you to then create a personally-tailored set of techniques customized to your own character style as well as to your own unique aims and ambitions

Order How to Conquer Yourself: Discipline & Willpower for the Conscious, Creative Thinker either on Amazon here or, for an autographed, personally-dedicated copy, by using this paypal link and, like always, contact me for more information.


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