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The Biggest Financial Asset YOU ALREADY HAVE (& 2 Ways to Invest It)

9 March 2011 No Comment

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I just realized that I’ve been mentioning money and wealth on the blog A LOT recently (with 8 Qualities of a Wealthy Women, Secrets of the Millionaire Mind, etc. ), so today I’m going to take it back and reinforce that the biggest financial asset you have is your very own mind.

As I’m learning in my personal life now, the way to obtain wealth is through a progressive thinking process and outlook on life. Of course “stacking” is a part of that (I’m trying to get it like everybody else), but the actual money means NOTHING if you don’t have other things already in order (like health and relationships) and all of that begins with your subconscious mind.

Don’t forget the 4-part series I did a few weeks back, “Health, Success & Great Relationships: The Fundamental Skill that Makes Them All Possible,” where I said:

“Your thoughts and actions (even the most jacked-up ones) are not predetermined by or fundamental to who you are as a human being: you have the power to change yourself and your circumstances, but you can’t take hold of that power until you view yourself and your mind as a malleable instrument that YOU control.

Since I’ve started to work on my subconscious mind in regards to money and wealth, I’ve realized 2 key things:

1: We’re ALREADY Wealthy Beyond Reason

african american couple with royal king and queen headgearSounds bugged, I know, but what I mean is that wealth is relative, and if you think about your economic status compared to that of a KING just 100 years ago, or even to most people in the world right now, you’re so wealthy it doesn’t even make sense.

There’s something Phil Valentine calls “The Pathology of Affluence,” meaning that we have an orientation towards affluence and consumption (as well-socialized Americans) so twisted and convoluted as to be considered a shared, mild psychiatric illness…

What I’m saying here is that our standard of living is so high that to think that we’re NOT wealthy is almost insane.

CHECK OUT THIS VIDEO NOW. Watch it in full and really absorp what this guy is saying…it might save your life:

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Me and my friend were rapping about this yesterday: she was about to kill herself and start working 3 jobs even though she has no children and is still mad young (i.e: has no serious obligations that necessitate it).

I had to get “Dr. Phil” for a second and check her on her spending habits (with love, obviously): I told her she that has something actually referred to as hyperconsumption…that she only wanted the money to continue supporting a way of life that her parents conditioned her to have as a child.

mother holding child with coins in hand

The whole thing was based on a faulty premise: she was about to do the financial equivalent of a sports team having ALL OFFENSE while completely forgetting the defensive aspect of the game. She was about to field-slave herself to buy ish that, in the grand scheme of things, really doesn’t matter anyway.

So remember that term, “The Pathology of Affluence,” because when you realize how wealthy you already are, you’ll have a different, more grateful, fulfilled orientation towards wherever you’re at now (and watch that video if you haven’t already).

Be a Frugal Cheapskate

The second key is related – and I got to thank my Mom for this one – it’s to be a frugal cheapskate…to be so frugal that most hyperconsumers with the pathology of affluence think something is wrong with you…

the millionaire next door by thomas stanleyI’m currently reading Thomas Stanley’s The Millionaire Next Door, and according to his 20 years of researching America’s wealthy, he’s found that most millionaires:

>> Never spent more then $140 on a pair of shoes,

>> Drive cars that are (on average) 7-9 years old,

>> Live in average, middle-income neighborhoods,

>> Only have 1 or 2 credit cards, and are

>> Married to someone more frugal then them.

i.e: most millionaires report to actually having TROUBLE getting their wives to spend money. Very interesting…

The main point so far in the book however is that the real millionaires of the world live absolutely nothing like how the media conditions us to view them. It’s only the small minority that live in serious mansions, own several boats and buy mutli-thousand dollar suits (because most never spent more then $4-500).

The media conditions us to associate wealth with hyperconsumption and affluence, when THE OPPOSITE is the reality. Wealthy individuals tend to value economic power over displaying high social status.

A woman saving coins

If we saw a millionaire walking up the street right now, we probably wouldn’t even notice him (hence the title “The Millionaire Next Door”), so remember that as you set goals for yourself financially.

Concluding Thoughts

Remember though, the overall point here is that when you learn to USE YOUR MIND, you have financial leverage that most people simply don’t have (and never will until it’s too late).

Using your mind allows you to find those computer glitches and video game cheat codes we talked about the other day…

African american woman smilingWhen you cultivate your mind and invest in your own thinking process like we’re doing here, you start thinking things out differently than the people around and you make different choices, which is key: most of our financial problems come from poor choices we made in the past and our inability to take time out and make good choices in the present.

Again, I wrote this whole post just to say that your biggest financial asset is your very own mind (and to then show and prove that with examples you can actually see).

Leave a comment below to let me know what you think (agree or disagree) or to share any experiences you have.


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