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The Hidden Benefits of Getting Focused & Secret Side-Profits of Self-Discipline (part ONE)

30 August 2011 No Comment

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One thing I’ve realized by publishing TONS of blog posts, newsletters, lectures and videos over the years is that while many of us are familiar with the TASKS that lead to greater productivity, very, very few of us (maybe like 5-7%) are truly familiar with all of the BENEFITS that it consequentially provides.

At some level, almost everybody at least intuitively knows that we need to get organized, do our best to eliminate distraction and associate ourselves with intelligent, competent and loyal people, but almost no one connects these relatively straightforward techniques to a complete metamorphosis of their life for the better.

It’s interesting: on the front end, we mistakenly simplify getting focused to just mean, “time management tips,” while on the back end, we constrain the value of it too, by thinking of it only in tandem with “achieving goals.”

So during lectures or presentations, I often get people motivated by what I call, “The Hidden Benefits of Getting Focused” or, “The Secret Side-Profits of Self-Discipline” (which I think sounds a lot cooler). Check these out and let me know what you think:

1: Productivity is a “Hard-Skill”

…which DOES NOT mean “hard” as in “difficult to learn” (because it’s definitely not), but hard skill as in a fundamental technique to have in life, not simply another interest.

Learning to stay focused isn’t like learning Pilates or learning the health benefits of “Acai-Berry Cleansing.” It’s not just something cool to be into because it revolutionizes how you work and live on a deep level.

As we get older, we meet new people and change AS people: we have different experiences that transition us THROUGH different interests, philosophies and personal values. Personally, I’ve changed A LOT over the last 10 years or so (ask anyone who knew me in high school), but one of the things that always kept me together and helped me persevere was my ability to discipline myself on what’s important, and that’ll never change no matter who I become.

No matter what your interests are, no matter what your goals may be, no matter your religion, race or creed AND no matter how unsure you may be of what direction to take in the future, self-discipline is the underlying strength that dictates your success or failure in virtually EVERYTHING you do.

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It’s simple: your ability to sit down and work on what’s important, to overcome procrastination or to get yourself organized is not a one-time learning investment, it’s something you’ll ALWAYS need no matter who you become or what you choose to do with yourself.

In fact, if you DON’T learn to get focused: if you don’t learn to discipline yourself and make laziness a thing of the past, you’re JEOPARDIZING everything you have going on, and ever will. Think about this and you’ll realize I’m right.

If you have a fear of failure that paralyzes you, if you constantly find yourself overwhelmed with distraction or just can’t seem to get or stay motivated about your goals and priorities, this is what you need to learn, RIGHT NOW.

Again, self-discipline is a fundamental life-skill that DICTATES success or failure in virtually every personal or professional goal you’ll set for yourself, for the rest of your life. It’s THAT important, and when you have this under your belt, you’ll have that special “oomph” that’ll separate you from the rest of the herd.

Check back for more “side profits” and hidden benefits tomorrow, and click here for my favorite program for managing my time and setting goals…


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