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The ONLY Self-Development Skill You Really Need to Know…

20 January 2011 No Comment

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“(NOTE: this is cont’d from yesterday’s post, and concludes the “Health, Success & Great Relationships” series).

Use Affirmations Like You’re Life Depends On It…Because IT DOES

Affirmation are positive “I am” statements people use to condition their subconscious minds in a desired direction. Here’s some examples:

young african child holding plant in nature>> “I’ve let go of settling for less then the best I can be…

>> “I’m a great communicator; ESPECIALLY of what I want…”

>> “I forgive myself for lacking direction in my life…”

>> “The days of being overly self-critical are gone, forever…”

>> “I’m at cause in the world, not effect. I make things happen…,” so on and so forth.

The idea here though is to say these at key times: right before you go to sleep, during meditation, while journaling, looking in the bathroom mirror, etc…periods of time when your subconscious mind is more receptive to instruction.

Here’s a video example. This is cute:

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Saying “like your life depended on it,” is really a play on words though, for two main reasons…

1) First off, you’re always using affirmations – since your self-talk will always transpire regardless of whether you direct it or not, you’re always affirming something…

So although I’m suggesting affirmations as a technique, what I’m really suggesting is that you “take conscious control of your inner-dialogue,” and make it a goal of yours to “master your thinking process.

black man in suit thinking2) It’s also a play words because when I say, “your life depended on it” I don’t mean that you’ll actually die if you don’t, just that the type of life you live depends on the type of statements you affirm to yourself. Very simply:

>> If the nature of your inner-dialogue can be summed up by the statement, “I’m a loser,” you’ll live a loser’s life (you’ll actually feel like a loser regardless of what happens anyway), but

>> If the nature of your inner-dialogue can be summed by the statement, “I’m a winner,” you’ll live a winner’s life (you’ll encourage, support and motivate yourself even when times get challenging).

It’s Simple Mathematics…

It’s simple mathematics: the sum total of your mental world has either positive or negative charge, and you can’t create a positive physical environment if you’re walking around with a negative mental one.

young black woman on phoneIn response to the headline I used for Monday’s post, “Health, Success & Great Relationships: The Fundamental Life-Skill That Makes Them ALL Possible”, a friend of mine said,

“This seems too easy…”

“It’s simple, but it’s definitely NOT easy…” I said, “at least not in my opinion…what we’re talking about here is one of the most challenging things you could ever do in your life…

Blaise Pascal, the French mathematician, once said, ‘All of man’s ills stem from his inability to sit in a room ALONE.

He said that because the truth is that MOST OF US ARE JACKED UP…how we were raised (through social conditioning, mass-media advertising, poor family conditions, etc.), has conditioned us to be so destructive towards ourselves that for most of us,the act of being alone with our own thinking is UNBEARABLE.

On a deeper level, the average person is pretty much bored and semi-depressed about life…most people simple don’t have the ability to consistently support themselves, encourage themselves, motivate themselves and use their minds in constructive ways. (It’s part of the reason why the entertainment industry is so big these days…)

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So while techniques like affirmations, holistic health, personal research and so on are easy to understand, they’re extremely difficult to apply long term.

That’s why I ADMIRE ANYONE WHO TAKES THIS SERIOUSLY…anyone who says “I’m going to make it a point to get my mind right…I’m going to love myself, trust myself, discipline myself, believe in myself and build myself up by doing whatever hardcore ‘self-work’ I need to do deserves praise…”

(Pascal said that over 300 years ago, mind you…he lived from 1623-1662. Imagine now.)

black man with a serious faceSo what will it be? Will you be one of the few dedicated to mastering themselves or just another mindless drone??? Remember the power of a conscious choice…

2 Things:

Here’s a free pdf report I created that describes how affirmations work. READ IT BY CLICKING HERE. And here’s a short blog post I did describing a way to automate the entire affirmation process. Check it out by clicking here now

The full title of the post is “The #1 Simple, Automated Tool I Use EVERYDAY to Stay Focused, Motivated, Self-Disciplined & ON-POINT…” and it’s about a program that I really recommend…I’ve already gotten copies of this stuff for everyone in my family and for all of my friends from back in college. (Whether or not they actually tried to even use it is a different story, but trust me…it’s that serious.)

think right now international mike brescia

I’m just recommending to you what I use ALL THE TIME. If it weren’t for the program I’m about to introduce you to now, this website probably wouldn’t even be up right now.

Here’s that link again:


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