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The Pathology of LAZINESS (Why Lazy People Will *Always* Be That Way & Why There’s NOTHING You Can Do For Them)

27 January 2014 No Comment

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“Self-pity is one of man’s greatest ills. Once you’re in that state of
mind, you interpret everything from within that framework…”

~ El Rasun

Want to hear something that pisses me off? People who complain about the system keeping them down yet, simultaneously, do nothing but sit on their lazy asses all day.

In a situation like this, who’s really keeping them down??? Is it “the system” or their own sloth and reluctance? An external situation, or their own internal sense of futility and despair?

Oftentimes, complaints about the world – regardless of how academically astute or sociologically significant they may seem on face value – are merely RATIONALIZATIONS for a man’s pathetic lack of personal initiative (which is really based his shameful lack of self-esteem). For example, I tell people…

If you can’t get the investment funds you need, make up for it with hard work and ingenuity.

If you can’t find enough time in the day to work on your personal projects, wake your behind up earlier.

If you can’t seem to get your health in order because of all the temptations and diversions around you, stop buying the stuff in the first place and restructure your life to avoid them.

That’s Because I’m Tired…

Black businessman in suit on phone talking and bored I’m tired of hearing excuses and, more importantly, I’m tired of helping people who don’t really want to be helped, just vindicated. What I’m also realizing however is that the people who truly get it – the people who actually ARE hungry for the real, practical advice that’ll help them achieve more – honestly don’t need it. The only thing they “need” is someone to remind them they’re not crazy, and not alone in a crazy, excuse-driven world.

This is what I call “The Pathology of Lazy-Ass People.” The REAL problem here is that we sanction their nonsense whenever we listen to and entertain their rationalizations, as it provides them with the delusion of having a rational basis.

If this is making sense to you, if you’re nodding and subconsciously saying “amen” to yourself, stop sanctioning the bullshit.

Stop entertaining the pathetic defense-mechanisms of lazy-ass people and, instead, challenge them on it. Call out the B.S. whenever you hear it.

I’m not saying don’t be benevolent when you feel personally called to give or encourage someone, but I’m telling you, I’ve been doing this for years…don’t empathize with indolence and sloth, because that’s often the REALITY people *subconsciously construe* on their own accord. In fact, the worse thing you can possibly do IS empathize with them, because that sanction is a betrayal of your own values (and a reward for their’s) which actually perpetuates the dynamic.

Be free of unwanted fear

This may not make a lot of sense right now, but in time you’ll see that there’s a war going on – a subtle, psychological one for the philosophical trajectory of man’s future – and your sympathy for fear, cowardice, conformity, self-doubt and laziness provides the world’s parasites, leeches and second-handers all the moral ammunition they need.

The best thing you can possibly do for a lazy person is refuse to entertain their victim mentality. Don’t tolerate it within yourself, and call upon others not to blame the world for limitation, but to exhibit creativeness, originality, independence and self-reliance in spite of it.


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