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The Knowledge I’m About to Manifest: On the Upcoming Book (Old-School Resurrection)

27 March 2010 No Comment


Here’s another “old school resurrection”: the first blog post I did (from like, back in June of 2008) when I initial got the idea to write my first book…

LL Cool J Old School Hip Hop

For some reason, I had the weird idea that I could finish writing it and have it available in less then 2 months, which of course turned out NOT to be the case. (I think the two-month thing is possible, it just wasn’t for me at that time…it’s type interesting looking back at all that’s happened since then too.)

To start off though, here’s an audio of me and El building on the book: what it’s all about and what you’ll gain from checking it out…

Recommended Scrolls (On the Upcoming Book)

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So here it is: “The Knowledge I’m About to Manifest” from June 7, 2008…

——— Today’s Jewel ———
“Writing clarifies thought” ~ unknown ———————————————————————————————

Peace Fam(ily)…

So here’s the news: I’m getting ready to write my very first book, and I’m type enthusiastic about the knowledge it’ll manifest. I’ve always looked forward to writing something major, and since this’ll force me to assimilate my ideas into an enlightening, enjoyable and easily understood format, I’m excited about the challenge. I feel like the time has come, and I’m ready to step up to the plate.

Do the knowledge book coverThe book is entitled, Doin’ The Knowledge: Ascending into Action, and it’s all about setting and achieving meaningful, life-purpose driven goals. This’ll be a foundational text for DoTheKnowledge.com, because our primary purpose here is about activating the knowledge we absorb. So the ability to make goals manifest is of course a necessary component. Ultimately, I want all of us to experience the beauty and joy of transcendence – and that means growing by manifesting our dreams with fluency and ease.

Why I Decided to Write:

This is the concept that motivated me to write in the first place. Constantly, I see people with the same issue: great ideas, great potential, and in some cases great plans even, but no realization…nothing brought to fruition. Almost everyone I personally know – close friends, family and others – fail to make good use of their resources, talents and abilities, and therefore, their true greatness doesn’t shine forth as it naturally should. Why is this? What keeps us from initiating the things we learn? Why don’t we “do the knowledge?”

Even I have my own set blockages and limitations I wish to unveil and relinquish. Although I’ve made great headway, I wouldn’t consider myself “free” just yet (it’s all about perpetual transformation, right?).

Further, the creation of a book will serve as a major challenge for me. Not only will I have to answer to the questions above, I’ll have to express them with lyrical skill as well. As many of you already know, people don’t read as much as they use to, and so encapsulating somebody’s attention with text requires some finesse on my half. Plus, writing forces an author to codify and structure their thoughts in a coherent, logical and convincing manner – something definitely beneficial to work on, especially considering the goals I’ve set for myself.

A Preview of the Content:

Discipline: Training the Mind to Manage Your LifeOne of the major ideas I wish to get across is that success is a result of spiritual growth. The ability to fluently achieve comes with a greater understanding of Self, the principle being “inner before outer.” Higher success requires development of the mind, body and soul, NOT straightforward action alone. This idea will lead to two very important ideas:

(1) a discussion of discipline, the deciding factor in achievement(see the book Discipline: Training the Mind to Manage Your Life,), and

(2) a new, universal perspective of life that’ll re-structure your viewpoint of reality and what it means to exist…

There’ll be a brief discussion of the Infinite Power of Spirit, with historic examples of great leaders who’ve shown us that true creative power comes from a spiritual source, not man himself. On a higher level, the ability to create doesn’t come simply by knowing that “thoughts manifest,” but by growing closer to that higher level of mind. Remember that Nature wants you to succeed, and that the Creator (God, “All That Is”), is friendly to your plans, because by the fulfillment of your spirit, you add to creation (see The Laws of Thinking, by Bishop E. Bernard Jordan).

The Laws of ThinkingDoing The Knowledge: Ascending into Action
will fully manifest on ____ (I’ll explain later), and throughout the time being, I’ll keep you guys posted on its development.

Since this is really my first book, it’s a true learning experience for me… I may end up learning more than I teach ;). In future posts, we’ll build on everything, and you can let me know what you want to see covered in the book, what problems you’d like answers to, or anything else.

For more on the book, join the DTK Listserve. See the sign up form at the top of the right sidebar, under ““The New Mixtape is Available Now!”? Here is where I’ll be giving out free book previews, audio content, and much more…

So yeah, leave a comment letting me know you’re thoughts on it: what would you like to see in the book, Ascending into Action???


Do The Knowledge!!!—————————————————————————-
Ever set a goal for yourself that, for whatever reason,
failed to materialize? Why didn’t it happen? Honestly reflect on the
experience and share what you’ve learned as a comment.

For a release date, I’m thinking early summer (like June maybe)… I have a lot of minor projects I need to get out of the way before I can get back into a writing flow, so I’ll keep you posted…

self improvement and deep knowledge
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>> A Chapter Outline & Breakdown of the Entire Book
>> Video Lecture of Me Reading From the Book…
>> Check out the FREE mixtape for even more book excerpts, music, etc…

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