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We Don’t Just Need Leaders, We Need Leaders Who Actually THINK…

21 June 2011 No Comment

african american father with daughter

We don’t just need leaders, we need leaders who actually THINK.

We need what PR firms refer to as “thought leaders: people who are recognized for their innovative ideas and who demonstrate enough confidence to promote those ideas as actionable distilled insights (things others can actually do).

Leadership in Nature

Whenever I hear someone say, “We don’t have any leaders…we need leadership,” the first thing I say in response is “leadership is an instinctual human activity; we always have leaders whether we consciously recognize it or not.

When two people meet, one of the first things they figure out (unconsciously) is who’s going to be in control..

The human species has always been led by certain individuals (and will continue to be so) because we instinctually look for them…in cases where they don’t exist, we search them out and follow them by default.

african american sistersAsk anyone with a younger brother or sister about this, or just look at popular culture for examples. Human beings intuitively look for others to follow, emulate and model their behavior after…

Since we’re social creatures by nature and we’re genetically hard-wired for leadership, the question isn’t “Why don’t we have any leaders?,” (because we always have and always will) but rather, “What kind of leaders do we have?” and “What kind of leaders do we need at this point in time???

Leadership in Today’s World

Because we live in a technological world, we’re no longer dependent upon leaders for our physical survival. While in ancient times, a tribe needed leaders for survival, in current times, leadership is a far more abstract, mental thing.

For instance you might hear a rap artist say “I’m not a leader…” because he thinks that since his audience isn’t physically dependent on him (in the same way his family is), that he’s not mentally leading anybody.

young african in recording studio on microphone

Of course, what he also means is that he can’t take personal responsibility for another person’s actions (he has too many fans for that), which is true. But by disowning leadership, he’s also disowning a vital role: the power to help direct somebody else’s thinking.

On Me Personally

I WOULD NEVER DENY THAT I’M A LEADER, because when I speak, people listen…things may not be on the scale I want them yet, but I’d be a fool to think that the term “thought leader” doesn’t apply to me (that would be childish).

Like I said before, intelligence is dying, and self-confidence is becoming EXTINCT. If we continue on the path we’re on now, we’re heading towards a world with a

african american woman thinking>> dumbed-down population that
>> promotes a prolonged state of infancy among its people;
>> a world that lacks the substance of meaningful ideas and
>> promotes laziness, ignorance and mediocrity as acceptable traits.

So I’m really saying all this to motivate you to think about what your goals on a larger scale. Take this as my personal request to DO SOMETHING that’ll push us in a positive direction, because it’s not about you.

Leadership as a Personal Benfit

Leadership also benefits you personally as well. Since it’s primarily about character and influence (and how those two intertwine), becoming a leader means becoming the type of person who’s capable of accomplishing great things, both for others AND for himself…

If you need any more convincing, listen here:

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