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What Exactly is “The Matrix” Anyway???

12 January 2011 One Comment


Here’s an e-mail I sent to a good friend of mine a few years back, covering both some of my spiritual beliefs and sociological ideas. Let me know what you think…

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smart black girl with glasses“I remember you asked me this a few weeks ago, but I didn’t answer back then because I wanted time to full explain it…

To be honest, I know you’re probably NOT going to really understand what I’m about to say until later on in life, but I was thinking about you and remembered this, so I said to myself, “Aite, go ahead with it Bryan…”

What Exactly is The Matrix Anyway???

To answer your question, from my perspective, the Matrix is:

The psycho-social, bio-chemical, and electro-
magnetic manipulation of human consciousness…

Psycho-social means everything political and sociological, from the oppressive governmental systems you see activists fighting agains to the hidden corporate legality those governmental systems operate off of…

morpheus matrix cool imageIt also means things like mass-media information control (which we’ve already discussed) and our present method of education, which actually serves to weaken intelligence and critical thinking rather than awaken it…

For instance, even the way we were taught to read was originally intended for only deaf children – it’s called ‘The Look-Say Method’, where they say ‘B is for boy,’ and then they show you a picture of a little boy, or ‘T is for table,’ and then they show you a picture of a table, and so on. None of this has anything to do with etymology, word roots, or the deeper science of language itself (which would develop a child’s mind power several levels beyond where it’s currently conditioned to be), and similarly, almost nothing in our education system has anything to do with the cultivation of real, intelligent, independent thinking at all.

Some good books to read on this “psycho-social” aspect are The Thousand Year War in the Mideast and How it Affects You Today by Richard Maybury and The Creature from Jekyll Island by Edward Griffiths.

Richard Maybury the 1000 year war in the mideastBio-chemical means everything related to your health, especially the synthetic chemical engineering that interacts with it (i.e. effs you up) as well as the planet earth (which is, naturally, an intelligent ecosystem in and of itself).

Examples include: genetically modified foods, processed foods, fluoridation in the water systems, chem-trails in the air and much, MUCH more (see the work of Leonard Horowitz for more).

And electro-magnetic meaning everything technological and it’s harmful (mostly unknown) effects. Cellphones, laptop computers, microwaves, television screens and other devices are all examples here – they all operate by emitting electro-magnetic frequencies (EMF waves), which are known to cause memory problems, bone problems, cancer, brain tumors, and more.

This is why I rock a Q-link: there was an even an experiment done where they cooked an egg by putting it in between two cell phones that called each other. (Click the image below for a breakdown, and see the work of Nick Begich at http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QuktvnKLsVU)

Bringing it All Together

So all of these elements overlap one another, and coalesce to create a complex, covert, subtle dynamic of oppression that pervades throughout almost all aspects of human experience….people have all these problems going on – psychological, financial, health, relationship, etc. – and have no concept of the unseen factors which encourage them.

Without any awareness to this concealed network of oppression, human consciousness (as a collective) diverts away from it’s natural, God-directed mandate of evolution.

Dna helix imageI believe that our DNA is actually meant to download information from both our Ancestors and Nature itself, including the the Sun. In fact, the word helix originally comes from the Greek “helios” which literally translates AS “Sun.”

Specifically, I think each human being represents a series of star-constellations harmonizing together, which is why good astrology is so spot-on: because we’re each a unique physical projection of galactic intelligence.

(Remember in the sovereign thought video, where I went from the nature scene to the universe picture back to the DNA image? This is really why…it’s so hard because there’s so much I want to tell people, and there’s so much we don’t talk about – but I know I have to take it slow…)

To be honest with you, I’m not sure if we can really “escape the matrix” exactly, unless we were to create an alternate reality or enter a parallel universe, which I have yet to figure out yet.

However, we can begin to alter the Matrix instead. While we may have been born into a world that’s “jacked up,” we have the ability to transform and transcend the environment we inhabit…as children of the Creator, we have the ability to create ourselves.

buddha meditation imageSo for me, this becomes the whole game right here: just as a child is not to stay a child forever, but eventually become a man (woman) and father (mother) himself, so too are we to become Creators in our own right.

Begin to look at the limitation and oppression of this physical world as a mechanism actually put in place by the Creator himself (an “Original Mind,” if you were) in order to encourage us closer towards that Infinite Intelligence (Supreme Consciousness) known as “God” ourselves.

(It reminds me of how they say smart parents don’t spoil or shelter their children: they let them go, allow them to suffer the consequences of their actions, and face the hardships of life because if they didn’t, the child would never mature. It’s the only way we can learn responsibility.)

I think we can only overcome the matrix when we look at it from this evolutionary perspective…that we can only deal with these problems when we dedicate ourselves to transforming our human consciousness into God-consciousness, and that we can only escape our suffering when we aim to be divinity incarnate.

In this fashion, the whole game of life is to become like God, where life doesn’t seem so bad anymore, and it actually gets to be kind of fun.

It becomes genuinely joyful, and so the destructive activites most people partake in to create the illusion of joy become unnecessary. You don’t have to drink to “lose your inhibitions,” because your psychological growth has taken care of that; you don’t need to smoke to “drop something deep,” because you’re already on a path towards mind elevation.

black couple laughing and relaxing

Things are changing very rapidly in the world now. I’m sure you already see the dangers that lie ahead and the need for change on a fundamental level. Know that only those who dedicate themselves to self-refinement and the purification of their potential will be able to find joy and create a positive, fulfilling life.

So alter the matrix by gaining knowledge, developing a lifestyle in accordance with that knowledge (how you eat, how you think, etc.), and dedicating yourself to higher levels of spirituality.

Trust me, it’s worth it…,

p.s: What do you think??? Does this accurately cover everything, or is there something I left out? Leave a comment below to add-on…

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  • Henry Hogarth said:

    I’m from Haiti, studied and lived in the States a long time and shuttled back and forth over the years. I’m now back in Haiti for a time. If there’s one place and one people that need to shift its self-understanding and convert its collective energy your material makes possible, it’s here. I discovered this site this morning.

    Clicking from one topic to the next, I have found each one to be very helpful, simply put, thus direct, practical, i.e., I’m putting into practice at the very moment: I’m writing to you, whoever wherever you are, first to say thanks for being out there, thanks for putting pics of different types of people, and through the links you provide, making me discover some musicians that were unknown to me. I have sent the link to this to a few family members already. Great stuff. God bless you.

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