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What To Do When You Don’t Have Any Options…When Life Isn’t ALIGNED As It Should Be.

3 June 2011 No Comment

african american woman reflecting and thinking

(NOTE: This is an old-school “resurrection” from August, 2010…so it reflects what I was going through at that time mostly, not so much now.)

If that headline strikes a chord with you in anyway, the first thing to realize is that YOU’RE NOT ALONE. We’re all going through this to some extent or another, including me…

For instance, I’ve just realized that I need to get myself a one-person apartment (instead of having roommates as I do now) because if I want to be successful, I need to live in an environment that represents who I am…I need to do my best to set up a personal space that’s aligned with my personal values.

As an Analogy

Image of feng-shui yin yang fishIt’s like the ancient Chinese science of Feng-Shui combined with the self-development principle of Personal Integrity.

Don’t get me wrong, I love people: I enjoy building bonds and I’ve always gotten along with ALL of my roommates (been sharing living spaces since 2004), but the thing is, as I get older, I get more DEFINED…

Since I’m getting more defined, I’m getting more clear on what my personal values are, and I can’t go 100% towards my goals (with the website or with anything really) unless my lifestyle – including the place where I live – acknowledges that.

For instance, some of my values include:

(1) Order,
(2) Harmony w/ Nature,
(3) Peace (as in “peace and quiet” lol),
(4) Intelligence, so on and so forth…

….so when I’m living in a place that doesn’t represent those things, I feel like I’m contradicting myself.

It’s the Same Reason…

…why I won’t go back to New York (psych… I just moved back to NY recently): there’s too much clutter, noise and hyper-activity, and that’s not what I’m about anymore.

I’m very territorial: the truth is that unless I have control over my personal environment, I won’t feel authentic about what I’m doing in life.

So ultimately, if you’re feeling like things aren’t really lining-up for you like they should be, take it as a notice to get clear on what your values are and whether or not you’re really lining-up with them YOURSELF…after you have a session on it to get clear (talk with a good friend, go for a walk or whatever you do), you’ll probably end up making new goals and lifestyle changes for yourself.

Ironically (or, synchronistically), what I put on the blog that same week was ALL ABOUT THIS EXACTLY…I didn’t even plan it to map out that way, but life works like that sometimes.

(It’s like I came back from the future to write “jewels” for myself a week in advance, so that when I had the experience, my mind was ready to respond.)

Check out the links below, I guarantee you you’ll find something that’ll help…there’s an in-depth, blog talk radio session with international, best-selling author Barbara Hofmeister, interesting twists on how to approach Holistic Health and much more…

african american using laptopReclaiming Your Dreams & Living a Life OF CHOICE (Radio Show w/ Barbara Hofmeister)

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