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Where Has Bryan Been? (The Major Lesson for 2009)

5 December 2009 7 Comments


So I’ve been absent from the online publishing world for about 6 months now, and of course, that raises some critical questions for the people who’ve been checking me out and supporting my work…questions like:

Whatever Happened?(a)”Whatever happened to Bryan?
(b)”Whatever happened to the blog posts, e-mails
and videos he used to put out?
” and,
(c)”What the heck is up with the book???

I gained a lot of support over the last year, and since almost everyone I introduced my material to “showed love,” a rationale for my absence is definitely in order…

It all breaks down to one fundamental dynamic: UNCALCULATED MOMENTUM.

——— The Story ———
I see myself as a writer, and – as I was telling a friend from Philadelphia the other day – whenever I write or record anything, I get triggered by this emotional energy that drives me to share it with the entire world.

She knew exactly what I meant - I enjoy what I do so much that the enthusiasm can easily take over.

A Craftsman

So as I was putting ideas together and creating projects, I’d run out into the facebook world, or anywhere else (online and off) and go:

“Hey, check this out…this is hot!!!…I was thinking about this and that, and
after I synthesized those ideas it led me to such and such…and
I’m gonna put together an audio mp3
project! Plus I’m working on my
very first book that’ll build on this, that & the third…” etc. etc.

And I would almost always get a great response: people from all over the states (and all over the world really) would find me online, tell me they enjoyed my videos, ask me about the book or other upcoming projects and connect me to other influential people.

Become Sovereign in ThoughtBut there was one serious issue: I WAS PUBLISHING MATERIAL STILL IN IT’S CONCEPTUAL, FIRST DRAFT PHASE. I was telling people about books and audio programs that were nowhere near complete, and worse off, since I’m just beginning my career as a writer, the dates I gave were never accurate.

I would create tentative release dates based on conjecture: they were based on what I felt was reasonable in the moment, but in reality – because I lacked experience – they weren’t reasonable at all. (Ask any career artist or business owner and they’ll tell you: there are always unexpected’s you could never plan for…especially if you’re learning as you go along.)

Late Night WorkaholicSo eventually, I found myself in a “jacked-up” situation: I had people anticipating something that wasn’t even created, and I was networking and event planning while still trying to find time to get into a creative mode and go through the editing process.

It wasn’t looking good, and it was all because I was too eager to keep my shut…

I wasn’t getting good sleep, I was eating poorly and my relationships were falling apart (I had a girlfriend at the time, but that was it really). I literally lived in my study room, and worst of all, with all of that sacrifice, I didn’t see much progress at all, because I was juggling too much at one time.

——— The Lesson for 2009 ———
So what have I learned for the year 2009??? That even though I’m proud of what I have to share, and even though there are a ton of people who would love to see it,Black Scientist & Inventors I have to chill out first and spend some time in the laboratory building up an archive of content before I blast off. This way, when I do start projecting again, there’ll be a consistent flow of information for the family to build on…

(“The Laboratory” consists of my office, study room and creative space. It’s all in one room, and I like the connotation the word laboratory creates.)

I’m learning to leverage my work, and I’m taking the time needed to build a creative practice that’s truly sustainable, because as my mother would always tell me, “patience is a virtue.”

Also, I’m working to create a better infrastructure here at DoTheKnowledge.com as well. Besides finishing up the book, completing the other projects and creating more audio and video content, I want the overall website to be a more logically structured environment, with a new homepage, a consistent blog, a fluid e-mail newsletter and easy navigation in between them all.

The DTK Logo

So that’s the rational for me “playing the background” over the last few months. Of course, I’d love for you to share any of this with your connects, but do remember that I am trying to keep a low profile for now (relatively at least).

click image to learn about electrical currentAs a lesson, remember that whenever you blast off with something ill, positive and unique, you initiate an energy, and just like with an electric current, if you don’t have the proper structures in place to channel that energy, you’ll blow the circuit and “lose power.”

Back in the summer, I built up a lot of momentum, but I did it without calculating anything at all. I wasn’t prepared for the response I got, and I realized that if I didn’t let it go for the time being, the whole thing would’ve blew up in my hands. I realized that I had to sit back for a second and start approaching this thing like a scientist…

As an analogy, think of the new companies that go under not because they couldn’t get enough business, but because they got so much business that they couldn’t meet the demand.

Believe me, it happens…essentially, if you can’t fulfill your orders, you have to return the payments you receive, and if nobody in your company fixes that problem soon, you’ll get a reputation for poor customer service (after all, you don’t even deliver the product) and lose business.

Avatar StateYou see the same principle in a lot of Japanese Anime too, where the warriors (both the good and evil ones) gather up so much chi-energy that they almost end up destroying themselves.

So don’t be in a rush to achieve any of your goals, and don’t be anxious to attain power in any form. Learn to deal with things intelligently, and if you notice your progress going in a uncomfortable direction, just regroup, calm your behind down and form a better strategy to go at it again.

Opportunity is an infinite thing, so for as long as your alive, you’ll always have another one available to you, and a better one at that, because you’ve gained the experience needed to make the most of it…


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(By the way, as soon as you log-in, you’ll get a free copy of my new mixtape “The First Forecast.”)

(Your information will never be sold or shared: I completely
respect your privacy and that would be whack anyway.)


  • Shel said:

    Thanks for sharing Bryan. Your heart and goals are in the right place. There’s no way you’re not going to blow up even more. I’ve been dealing with some of what you’ve been experiencing also with my business. At this time the thing is to go with this new energy and things will happen, seemingly almost magically. It’s a new dawning, and I’m taking what I do as far as I can just like you! I too will stay open to being tweaked so to speak, as you do.

    Peace & Love

  • Bryan (author) said:

    Hey thanks Shel…it’s always good to know you’re not the only one, huh?

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  • Queen Genially said:

    Peace +B,

    Everything in its own time, that’s how we maintain peace as we progress forward and upward!

    Queen Genially

  • Bryan Ogilvie (author) said:

    Word…thanks Queen

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