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Why I Became Vegetarian (Benefits & Motivation)

27 January 2011 4 Comments

First, A Disclaimer:

Everything I’m sharing with you here (and everything I share with you period, really) is a combination of my personal research, my personal opinion and my personal experience. As an individual, you should take responsibility for your own health and follow what feels right for you…

Dr. Afrika actually just added me on facebook yesterday, and I added something to the Black Legacy archive that actually quoted him saying:

White sugar is sweet, it’s delicious, and it tastes good…however IT’S A DRUG! Black people know what it is to the taste buds, but not what it is to black life: a highly refined carbohydrate that’s technically classified as a drug.

The refining process was invented by a Black man named Norbert Rillieux. He invented the process to help produce better minerals and metals, but his good invention was turned into a weapon: his refinement process when used for sugar became a weapon of enslavement and a destroyer of health

Dr. Afrika is a nutritional consultant, a massage therapist, a historian, a certified addictionologist, an acupuncturist, a writer and a Doctor of Naturopathy.

I support this brother and his African Holistic Health concept because it saved me from depression: during the second semester of my freshman year at school, I was at an extremely low emotional point where every morning I woke up thinking:

What’s the point?,”
I can’t do anything right, so why even try?,”
I’m worthless…what am I even alive for???

…and other depressing thoughts to sick to even mention.

The Story…

Around that time (I believe it was Spring Break), I went back to Long Island to help my Mother move into a new apartment and found this dingy, beat-up book in one of her boxes underneath some old junk: African Holistic Health, 4 ed., with a signature from Dr. Afrika, right there on the first page.

At that point in time, I was already in “Knowledge-Mode” (going to an HBCU had me linking up with college activists, reading up on conspiracy theories and studying metaphysics within the first few months), so I was already open minded and interested enough to give it a try.

This book shattered my mind. Every page (with the exception of the charts & diagrams) was a paradigm-changer: the history of nutrition, the use of sugar in the slavery, the question of meat, food being used as a military offensive, ancient African medicinal techniques, etc. It was a transformative read that changed how I thought forever.

Somewhere in there, almost as an unimportant side note, he mentioned that one of the first things he does for his clients is put them on a 4 day fruit juice fast, and something made me say to myself “I should try that.”

Since I didn’t have a blender, and I was eating strictly out of the school cafeteria, I went on a four day “fruit fast” instead – I ate nothing but raw fruits and drank nothing but juice and water.

I didn’t even end up going the full four days…I only went two, but by the late afternoon of the second day I was filled with so much joy and energy and vitality that it didn’t even make sense: I was smiling for no reason, making other people laugh, talking it up with complete strangers and all in all, just happy to be alive.

I remember one of the lunch-aids in the cafeteria that evening asking me:

Boy – what the heck’s gotten into you??? For the last two months, you’ve been walking around looking like you had the world on your shoulders, but now, you’re smiling little behind off…What happened?

I don’t remember exactly how I responded, but it was something to the effect of “I just realized something.” Really, I was just surprised anybody had even noticed…

The Lessons Learned..

So that’s one of the things I’ve learned from reading this book: how intertwined our emotional and mental states are with the diets we have, and how we live in a culture that supports and perpetuates a diet prone towards, depression, obesity, and other sicknesses too numerous mention.

I’ve also learned how to understand my body as an intelligent system and illness as part of a bio-feedback mechanism (not just an external symptom without a root cause), and how our Western medicinal concept is disease-oriented and overly complicated for PROFIT (when things pertaining to health are described as having “cancer-fighting properties” or “preventing high-blood pressure” it actually conditions your mind to focus on disease, NOT health).

The book taught me about Holistic Health: how to see the mental, physical, emotional and spiritual aspects of yourself as a complete unit, and how light, color, sound and environment contribute to your health state.

It taught me the real truth about our disease-oriented diet here in the Western world, which is not nutrition, but nutri-CIDE.

Here’s a section from the upcoming project I told you about before
(the work I’m putting together on Self-Discipline):

“…again, just to disclaim – I’m still learning as well…I actually have a teleseminar planned up with a friend who’s a fruitarian and also getting a Master’s degree in Chinese medicine that’ll go in depth about the direction I’m looking towards…

Also I don’t want you to think that I’m condemning you as foolish for where you might be at right now: I used to have what they call compulsive eating disorder, I used to have severe acne, I used to have bone issues (where I thought my knees and ankles were breaking and that there was something wrong with my shoes and I tried to buy all these different shoe-sizes etc. until I found out about electro-magnetic frequencies and did some things to clear that up, which I’ll talk about soon), I used to be constipated, I used to have depression (like we talked about earlier) and a whole bunch of things…in essence, I used to be really jacked up, so I know how whack it is and I’m not sharing this like ‘you need to get your act together’ ok?

If it ever comes off like that, that’s just because I’m upset at the paradigm that we’ve been talking about. I feel that disease is institutionalized in our culture as a profit-mechanism, and it really hurts me to see so many great, positive, talented and intelligent people inhibited because they’ve been conditioned to think a certain way about their physical shell. Then, when something goes really wrong and they do go to get help, they get manipulated to a point where they become dependent on a system that’s probably going to leave them diseased forever…

Dr. Afrika doesn’t insist on anything, he’ll just tell you what you
need to do…he’s very patient, and he’ll tell you, ‘Take your time…do
a little bit at a time,’ and you will find that that does work…”

~ Sister on Dr. Afrika’s site giving a testimonial



  • Ali said:

    Peace Peace

    Dr. Afrika helped to open my eyes too. Great article. Anyone with an open-mind can see where you’re coming from. I can certainly attest to everything you stated and one will also when their thought becomes action. Continue to help those that want to help themselves.


  • joey said:

    For the fruit detox did you eat a wide variety of fruits or a specific type?

  • Anonymous (author) said:

    All types fam…a lot of citrus fruits and juices. As diversified as possible actually.

    Here’s another quick health tip I put over the email listserve earlier this week:


    Studies show that when we go to the kitchen for
    a quick snack, our subconscious makes us
    automatically reach for what’s most easily

    SO…get leverage on yourself by re-organizing
    your kitchen to trick your subconscious: put your
    sweets waaay high up in the cabinet (where they
    can’t be seen) & leave fruit, nuts etc. right
    there out in the open.

    Now you’re more likely to eat healthy without
    even thinking about it…


  • Robert said:

    Peace Bryan,

    I read this article deep into the day it was posted. Didn’t eat anything that. Towards the end of the night, while I headed to work, I figured I’d put that fruit fast into action and had two mangoes and a gallon (maybe 3/4s a gallon) of water. Today, for breakfast I had three apples and tonight I’ll have two more. It is hard, but at the same time, it helps that I’m broke lol. Yesterday my mood was certainly lifted though. Thanks for sharing

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