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Why Intelligence is SEXY, Cool, Powerful & Much More…

15 March 2011 No Comment

african american nerdy female in science class

Let’s just get started:

1: It’s the Way of the Future

As we transfer more and more into a digital age, the ability to abstract and deal with information effectively and creatively is becoming the new thermostat for success.

As you can see, technology is overriding a lot of our social and business systems (and un-employing a lot of our people), so the ability to perform physical labor is becoming obsolete.

Into the future, the people with the competitive edge will be the people who management guru Peter Drucker called “Knowledge Workers,” the people with the ability to handle information in productive and creative ways…

It’s like Revenge of the Nerds applied to society as a whole. If you think about it, more and more of today’s successful leaders are the Bill Gates and Mark Zuckerbergers, not the traditional, rough and tough, Macho types. Listen to this (and download it here):

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2: It’s Cool

african american male with nerdy glassesOn a similar note, it’s just starting to be cool to be intelligent again. Big, nerdy glasses are back in style (I paid $15 dollars for a cheap frame everybody loved), people are buying books and walk around with them to give the APPEARANCE of being intelligent, and more and more self-help and new-age ideas (law of attraction, holistic health, etc.) are permeating into mainstream thought (thank Oprah for that).

It’s Sexy

Women love a man who can engage their mind in new and interesting ways, especially when they realize it’s an authentic part of who he is and not just a front he’s putting on (which a lot of guys do).

And men automatically respect a woman when they can tell she’s a bit more “on point” then everybody else. It’s like we put her in a different category and know we have to come correct or not even bother…

Bottom line, intelligence is an advantage in the dating world. People who take the time out to be more creative, imaginative, knowledgeable and articulate just have a few more feathers in their cap…

It Solves Problems

I said this during that Recommended Scrolls radio show (the one where I reviewed a ton of great books back to back) because I don’t think a lot of people realize how powerful this is

I was saying how most of our problems with health, relationships and success stem from a lack of knowledge.

african american woman frustrated, tired and depressed

For instance, most people don’t realize how tied their diets are to their emotional states: most people simply don’t know how much what they’re eating contributes to anxiety, depression and more.

For me, when I first started publishing information online, I didn’t take much time out to figure out HOW to actually do it…I just threw a website up, talked about what I thought was important and (obviously) didn’t get much of a response…

Luckily, I stuck with it long enough and started doing research into how people perceive information, so it turned out cool…but what I’m saying here is that knowledge is a conduit for RESULTS, and I don’t think most people truly understand how powerful that is…

We could go on for days with this. Intelligence:

two african american nerdy students in library>> makes people respect you,
>> makes you a memorable person,
>> is good for your health (people who exercise their mind look younger and live longer),
>> prevents boredom,
>> allows you to better articulate yourself (strengthening relationships and your ability to negotiate business-wise, etc.)

Ad infinitum. Again, intelligence is sexy, cool, powerful and much more, so go on to become more of a “Knowledge Expert” and cultivate it in yourself…


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