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Why This Blog Focuses on Time-Management & Self-Discipline, NOT All the Other Random Topics I Used to Touch On…

29 August 2011 No Comment

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“There’s two types of information in this world: the first of which consists of SUGGESTIONS and the second, SOLUTIONS…” ~ Eben Pagan

When you’re giving suggestions, almost everything you share boils down to your opinions and ideas: it’s you “breaking down” what you think is important and why you think the world works the way it does…the information is essentially about YOU.

When you’re giving solutions, almost everything you share is an answer to a real-life problem: it’s you guiding somebody else towards a specific result based on their wants or needs…the information is essentially about THEM.

This blog focuses almost squarely on time-management, self-discipline and productivity because the information I have to share in those regards deliver solutions that I can virtually guarantee.

When I Look Back Over the Years

…I want to look back at a career I can be proud of, and that necessitates me providing information in a responsible, professional way.

In my opinion, it’s irresponsible (and immature) to use a platform (such as a teaching venue or trusted relationship) for personal rants, or for exploring theories that you can’t hold yourself personal accountable to.

As I get older, my understanding of what I’m doing here and how I want to position myself change, so I’m constantly adapting and refining as I proceed. Most recently, this includes a commitment to be “right and exact” (i.e: precise and accountable) with everything I share.

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For instance, I did a series of blog posts and radio shows on overcoming depression that brought in a ton of emails from actual, clinically depressed people (naturally, as I invited that type of response). This made me realize that there’s certain burdens I’m not willing to publicly take on, and certain boundaries I shouldn’t cross.

Although I’m a generally happy person, I can’t responsibly share information on “being happy” and guarantee results in the same way I can on being productive. Although I may have “insights” on other fields that other people may find valuable, that, by itself, does NOT entitle me to position myself as a general guru, because (again), they’re not actual, proven solutions I can hold myself to.

So it’s very important for both you AND ME to remember that I’m not the “Walmart” of self-help or internal development. I can’t give you virtually EVERYTHING you need to live a complete life, because nobody can.

“General” Coaching Promotes Parasitic Relationships

Interestingly enough, many “life coaches” and “spiritual gurus” (including religious leaders of a traditional sort) have a slave-like, pathological relationship with their followers, and me narrowing my focus is an attempt to avoid that dynamic.

On the part of the followers, it resembles a dependency complex: I see people walking around with their umbilical cords held out, looking for someone to save them from their own anxiety rather than responsibility for their own lives.

On the part of the guru, it resembles a superiority complex: I see someone using their intelligence like a slave-master’s whip, looking for someone to transfer their unprocessed shame onto rather then deal with their own guilt.

Avoiding this overall, parasitic, savior-type dynamic requires you, as the leader, to set boundaries for where you will and will not go, which is why this blog focuses on time-management and self-discipline, not all the other random topics I used to touch on earlier in my career.

In quite simple terms, I can’t be everything to everybody, and it’s much more valuable to be a meaningful specific than a wandering generality…


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